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Robert Downey Jr Is The Love Of My Life

But then —



"Old English. Serious." [x]

Happy 49th Birthday Robert Downey Jr!

(April 4th 1965)


First look at “Chef” (2014), featuring Robert Downey Jr. (x)

Happy 49th birthday Robert Downey Jr!

And remember: when life is kicking your butt, never forget to kick it right back in the face!

"I have to tell you: I had never, ever dreamed that anybody could convince me that they were Daddy. But that young man was Daddy. I don’t think that any actor could do what Robert did. It was as if my father came down from Heaven and inhabited him and possessed him for the length of the movie. He is so gorgeous, which is appropriate because my father was a beautiful man too. He’s heartbreaking and he has my father’s sense of melancholy. The first time I met him as the Little Tramp I hugged him and he hugged me, and there I was with my father as a young man in my arms.” - Geraldine Chaplin on Robert Downey Jr as her father Charlie Chaplin

The Last Party (1993)


Robert Downey Jr - Golden Globes ‘14


Robert Downey Jr - Golden Globes ‘14